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There are three separate associations for the residents of The Colonies at Wilde Lake: (1) The Colonies at Wilde Lake Association (CWLA), (2) Wilde Lake Association, and (3) The Colonies Swim and Tennis Club, Inc (CSTC). This website is run by CWLA. These three associations are summarized below.

The Colonies at Wilde Lake

The Colonies at Wilde Lake

The Colonies at Wilde Lake (CWLA) is a Virginia corporation of which all home owners in the Colonies are members.

Each purchaser of a lot in The Colonies, by accepting a deed to that log, has agreed to be bound by the covenants that established this corporation and the owner's membership in that corporation. The covenants allow for assessment of fees, require architectural review of all improvements of property, and place restrictions on use of property.

In addition to enforcing the covenants, the CWLA organizes numerous neighborhood social functions, publishes a newsletter and annual directory, carries out various beautification activities, and monitors the county zoning actions that could affect Colonies residents.

Landmark Property Services handles our accounting, complaint, and disclosure packet processes. Please contact Melinda Thompson at 804-282-2574 or email address below for these issues.

Contact for disclosure packet: mthompson@landmark-property.com


Required of all owners of single family property in the Colonies development, except voluntary for those properties originally purchased prior to June 28, 1988.


To provide social activities, communication, architectural review, covenant enforcement, and beautification of the neighborhood.


 $50.00 annually


Occasional parties for children and adults, bi-monthly newsletter, neighborhood directory, compliance with restrictive covenants.

The Colonies at Wilde Lake Board Members

Position Name Term Ends Phone Email
President Jeff Greenwald 2018 216-926-3541 president@colonieshome.com
Vice President Tyler Green 2019


Treasurer Charles Trible 2018 447-3017 treasurer@colonieshome.com
Secretary Josh Holman 2019 secretary@colonieshome.com

Kim Bonney



ARC Chair Jonathan Heller 2017 360-5491


Welcome Chair Emily McKinney 2019 360-2372 welcome@colonieshome.com
Communications Vacant 2018 publications@colonieshome.com

Wilde Lake Association

Wilde Lake Association

The Wilde Lake Association exists to provide maintenance and preservation of Wilde Lake, its common area and dam. Every owner of a Wilde Lake parcel is a member of the association. Wilde Lake parcels include property owners in the following neighborhoods: Bay Cove/Moss Creek, Berkeley Pointe, Cedar Hill/Ketch Pointe, The Colonies, Harbour Cove, Wilde Lake Apartments, Winchester Green and Winchester Pointe.

Contact for disclosure packet: Landmark Property Services, 804-282-2574, or mthompson@landmark-properties.com


Required of all owners in the Wilde Lake development.


To own and maintain the lakes and common areas.


$ at closing and per year thereafter (amount changes).


Fishing, non-power boating.

The Colonies Swim & Tennis Club, Inc.

The Colonies Swim & Tennis Club

Membership is available on a voluntary basis to all Colonies residents. A limited number of memberships are also available to Milhaven residents and others. Contact Denise Alvin at 360-0409 (home) or denisealvin@verizon.net  for more information.

Membership & Fees Voluntary membership. Three classes of membership:
  • Class A. Available to Colonies residents only. Permanent so long as resident of the Colonies. Full voting rights. Initiation Fee and Annual dues.

  • Class B. Available to purchasers of homes in the Milhaven subdivision where the seller is a member of the club. Permanent so long as resident of Milhaven. No voting rights. Limited memberships. Initiation Fee and Annual dues.

  • Class C. Available to homeowners not residing in the Colonies or Milhaven. Annual membership. No voting rights, Limited memberships. Annual dues.


Non-profit, non-stock corporation which owns and maintains the recreational facility.


Swimming Memorial Day through Labor Day. Swim team, swimming lessons, tennis year-round, tennis teams and lessons, clubhouse rental for private functions.


Volunteer Board of Directors elected by Class A membership. Professional staff includes pool manager, lifeguards, swim team coach, and professional tennis coach.

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